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FMS19 for Linux - will 360works plugins be compatible?

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Hello 360works - 

What's the timeline to bring: 





the Email plugin 


to the Linux version of FMS19?


Can't wait!


Thank you

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Some question from my side - Scriptmaster is essentiell. I tried the Cloud version plugin, but failed to load.

May 22 13:32:52 centos-7 kernel: fmsased[2712]: segfault at ffffffffffffffff ip 00007f04dc4a56d5 sp 00007f04df7fcfd0 error 7 in 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmx[7f04dc3f0000+103000]

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The Cloud versions in the current downloads are not meant for FMS Linux. We are still in development for these plugins. I do not have a timeline for when this development will be complete but we are aiming to have them ready prior to the official release. We will announce compatibility in our newsletter as well as on our social media accounts so be sure to subscribe to those so you will know when they are compatible.

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