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Hi to all Back to FM after along time.

I am trying to add a layout that the user selects  what product he is Selling with a checkbox  .

At the end after he finish.

FM will generate a pdf with terms for etch product.

The terms will br different for etch product.


Thanks Dani


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I am  Trying to get the logic how to start to implement this.

I am a little rusty with FM 3 years did work only on the WEB. I have a all off my solution Basic done Besides this part.

I have no idea how to start this.

How to start this.

Thanks Dani

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You need a table of Contracts, a table of Products and a table of Terms. If you want to use a checkbox field to select the products for a contract (which is probably not a good idea), then your relationship graph will look something like:

Contracts >---< Products ---< Terms

To print the terms, use the Go to Related Record step to create a found set of all related terms, and print them using a list layout of the Terms table.

P.S. Please update your profile to reflect your version and OS, so that we know what you can use.


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