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Multi value drop down list

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would you please inspect the attached file. The conditional value list I made is not working properly on layout - Prices.

I'd appreciate if somebody can point me to some resource to help me understand how conditional values list work and is being consturcted. 

price collector.fmp12

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attached is a simple product order app. It's aim to collect different prices and make an order.  I'd like to be able to use a drop down list feature in order to pick the product based on Group and Subgorup. 

Thanks in advance.


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with all appreciation to aid you in your learning experience, It does take a bit of effort for users to adequately articulate what it is they are trying to accomplish,

  • what have you tried 
  • have you searched the web
  • have you searched the forums
  • have you looked at the the FileMaker help documents?

Only with some courtesy prerequisite in a post would it offer any of us volunteers to curiosity to look at a file or provide assistance. 

If the post is not well outlined to achieve this goal its just waisting time trying to decipher intentions. 





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Ocean West,

I am positive that my question is too simple to be more deeply explained. I go seek help in forum once I am stuck and can’t move forward. 

Besides, thanks for the video. 

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3 hours ago, stan111 said:

What is that you don’t understand?

That's not going to happen. It is your responsibility to explain what are you trying to accomplish and what problem you encountered on the way. I couldn't do it for you even if I wanted to.


3 hours ago, stan111 said:

How can we shift from arguing

I have nothing to argue about with you. Usually when a question is not clear, I let it go and move on. I made an exception in this case and I already regret it.

BTW, in the previous thread (now merged) I wanted to point you to some other posts explaining conditional value lists. I did a search (why didn't you?) and found this post:

Then I noticed who was the original poster.


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