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External Container Storage Path Syntax

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I can sense the eye rolls but, I’ve just upgraded to FMS19 on a MacPro after upgrading it to Big Sur and the database container fields are reporting missing files. I have defined the alternate database folder and its associated external storage volume which was verified. Could I have the syntax wrong? I have “filemac:/System/Volumes/External Data/Container Data/“.

“External Data” is the name of my external drive. The “Volumes” folder is of course hidden but would that matter? I’ve tried unhiding it, but to no avail.

Should one use “%20” in lieu of spaces? Should one use the sub folder “Container Data” in the path, or is that assumed anyway?

I’ve tried these permutations but am getting nowhere. Does one need a restart after specifying the external container path - it didn’t seem to suggest so?

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Eventually I closed all databases, omitted all use of %20 and used filemac:/System/Volumes/FMP External/Container Data/ and reopened the databases on the server.

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