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Export .csv file format problem


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Trying to found out why it is necessary to run a csv file through Mac Numbers (it is not recognized by Mac Excel), i.e., by importing into Mac Numbers and then exporting again as a csv file before it will be accepted by an external system. Looking at the "before" and "after" csv files with TextEdit, the "before" file appears to be blank, the "after" file is what you would expect - text with commas. FM 19 does not seem to have any relevant options to influence the process at all when scripting the Export Records step.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I never export TSV or CSV from FileMaker, I always export as XML, and then apply an XSLT to generate the TSV, LaTeX, CSV, MySQL, M$SQL, PostgreSQL, StoryBoards, CoreData, REST, DSL, or others to my liking.

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