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Fields not acting right.

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I have a file that calculates elapsed time.  There is a Start field, End field, then a time zone offset field.  Sometimes what I am tracking goes across time zones.  The offset field is just a number, and I've always been able to enter either a number or a negative number.  In the mean time, the elapsed time field is a calculation of End minus Start, then add the offset.   I duplicated the layout, then made changes to it for FM GO, but the changes were only the size and layout of the fields.  In the offset field, it's making me enter a time instead of being able to enter just a number.

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I think that the offset field, is time as well. But the formatting is set to show only "hour". I would suggest that you change it into Number, and then define a value list to pick from.

The display on the interface uses this calc:

Time( Hour( from ) + Offset; Minute( from ); Seconds( from ) ) &
" ... " & Time( Hour( to ) + Offset; Minute( to ); Seconds( to ) )


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