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Inconsistant button sizes

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I'm setting up a file for FM Go on my iPhone.  It's a 13 with IOS 17.

I have a couple buttons in the top section that, on my laptop, are the same size as a couple of the fields, but when I look at it on my phone, still connected to the laptop, the buttons are much bigger.  I tried to pinch my fingers on the screen, thinking maybe it was zoomed in, but that did not do it. 

I did resize the buttons down so that on the phone, they fit, but does anyone know why things in the top section show up differently than on the phone?

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I'm only going to use it on my phone.  I'm only using my laptop to set it up, and I resized the buttons.  But my point is, why would an object (In this case the buttons) show up as one size on the laptop, and a different size on the phone, but on both, the fields are proportionately the same?

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