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Mac OS X with FMP 5.5 and Unlimited


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Actually I have both FMP 5, and FMP Unlimited 5.

FMP Unlimited comes with 2 CD's one is a standard FMP 5 CD, only it has an "unlimited" serial number, and the other CD has several version of the WSC (Web Serer Connector).

I have used the FMP5 CD that came with Unlim with the serial number from my standard FMP5, and it installed as a standard FMP 5 installation (10 IP / 12Hr limit).

This is why I'm guessing that the standard FMP 5.5 could be installed using the Unlim serial number.

Unless the 5, and 5.5 serial numbers are different formats/ranges.

If anyone is actually able to test this, let me know.

Also the other reason I thought that this may work is that my FMP 5 Unlim WSC _WAS_ able to connect and use databases hosted on FMP 5.5 Demo for OS X.

(*note the demo lists "IP Guest Limit: Unlimited") so technically the 5.5 Demo is of PART of the Unlimited package that hasn't been released yet.

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I guess what I'm saying is that when you shell out the $999 for Unlimited you're really paying for the WSC and the Unlimited Serial Number.

So since FMI's already got my cash for the SN, and the WSC (which does work with the 5.5 demo on OS X). They should be happy to recieve the additional cash for a 5.5 upgrade form me, and it should all work.

However if it doesn't I've got no need for a 10 IP / 12Hr version of FMP, so I'd like to hear from someone that has the capacity to test this before I send another hard earned bundle to FMI.

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This topic is 7271 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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