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Limit on number of opened databases

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There must be a limit on the number of databases that can be opened at the same time. Just in case there is a limit can I have a large database and based upon the user id to subset the data?

How do I subset a database? Can you provide a simple example?



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The limit is 50 per copy of FMP Unlimited. I just saw a FMP database with over 100,000 records running at an Education Service Unit in Omaha. I don't know about creating a subset tho.

[ March 23, 2002, 01:41 PM: Message edited by: Wesley ]

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RE: How do I subset a database? Can you provide a simple example?

U can relate databases based on a value in a field on a one (record) to one (record) or one (record) to many (records) basis. (in your case it would be a one to one relationship based on a unique field)

Filemaker works a little differently to Access et al in this respect although the same general rules apply when relating data.

Comparison document

For more info on doing this correctly you can refer to the filemaker web site and the manual that comes with FMPro - also available from the FMPro web site

Filemaker Support

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The Ultimate FAQ says:

"Up to 50 files can be published through FileMaker Pro Unlimited, in either case."

My question is:

If my database or databases are set up as "relational," does this mean that I can have up to 50 files/tables running under a single Unlimited license?

Thanks in advance.

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