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ORACLE vs. FileMaker


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The company I work for has spent the last year and over $2 million on an ineffective ORACLE impementation. My interest with FileMaker prompted me to create some solutions to demonstrate 1)the capabilities of FileMaker and 2)how FileMaker allows the final users to participate in the database design process. The demonstration was successful. I now need to make a proposal to the company executives selling a FileMaker solution to compensate for the ORACLE shortcomings. This solution will have to interface with ORACLE, nevertheless. Please give me any information that will help sell the effectiveness and validity of FileMker solutions! TIA

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RE: Wow. Oracle is pretty good. If its implementation was not successful, I would want my 2 milli back. Was it developed in-house?


RE: The filemaker site also has some comparisons with other DBMS. But they seem to like picking on Access (easy target. But hey, that's Apple)

The two -- FM and Access are close. To compare FM and Oracle is a bit out of question. Still comparing just on the price... smile.gif

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Hi Johnny,

FileMaker has good import and export capabilities and also some SQL compliance. However in order to more fully integrate it with the enterprise level rdbms, you might wish to look at some of the third party tools that offer extended SQL data transfer implementations.

One such is the PDM plug-in:


which is widely used and is available as a cross-platform tool for integrating FileMaker with ODBC compliant databases - of which Oracle is one.

If you get into the rhythm of using FileMaker with a fast data transfer tool, you will find that it can become a versatile front end and reporting tool for the larger system. cool.gif

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also, if you like XML consider FM XML~ODBC ways

here is a quick link to pretty good XML tool


and if you really want to examine your ODBC performance and grab some pre-production statistics:


it is a big topic...I hope you find your ways to best solution!

Take care!

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This topic is 7439 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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