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displaying HTML via CDML

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I have a database which has a field that is in HTML. If I export it and view it on a browser, it works fine, but if I try to show the field via CDML, it shows all the code rather than processing it as code.

I have tried to replace the code (the < >) with a global field that has that code in it, but it doesn't make a difference - it still does not work.

I know that I could create a CDML page that has the same properties as the field, but one of the combinded fields is a long field that has returns in it (the final output is for news stories online).

Is what I am trying to do possible? If so, how? How have others done this?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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The FileMaker field looks like this:

"<font face=Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, sans-serif><FONT size=-2><B>Published: </B>" & DayName(date_start) & ", " & MonthName(date_start) & " " & Day(date_start) & ", " & Year(date_start) & ", " &

Hour(time_start) & ":" & If(Minute(time_start)<10,"0" & Minute(time_start),Minute(time_start)) & If(Hour(time_start)<12," a.m."," p.m.") & "</FONT><p>" & "

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re: The HTML that is produced by my CDML page looks like this:

Well, actually I was wondering what the code on your format file was that you were using to cause all of that to be displayed. Specifically, what is the code which you use "try to show the field via CDML".

Good one, Leb I Sol. laugh.gif

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Garry I believe the problem with ,raw is that where he has penned

&#60;font face= ...

what will be displayed will be

<font face= ...

Ultimately, I believe the need is to first populate the field with HTML code (not that &#60; isn't HTML) as if it were a regular HTML file and then determine the parameter necessary (might be raw, might be format). Don't need to second guess on that however until the field is properly populated.

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I guess I just &#60;ing misunderstood. laugh.gif

I am becoming expert at demonstrating that stupidity can negate artificial intelligence.

Glad you got it worked out. Another very useful parameter is ,format, which which you will not find documented in the CDMLRdb (which you should have).

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This topic is 7554 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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