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I have imported emails from outlook which contain web form replies in the following format.


Contact_FirstName: FName

Contact_LastName: LName

Contact_Title: Mr

Contact_Organization: Filemaker Inc

Contact_StreetAddress: PO Box 123

Contact_Address2: AppleLand

Contact_City: Applesville


Contact_PostCode: AP2222


How can I split this up in to the appropriate fields that are needed for this?

Any help would be appreciated



FileMaker Version: Dev 6

Platform: Windows XP

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A couple of different ways. How about this one:

- import these "records" into a temporary fm file

- then loop through the records and use the LeftWords function to read the data and do a Set Field to the correct field in your main contacts fm file

Another approach is to do some pre-processing to the Outlook file by replacing the returns by spaces and then importing into filemaker.

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Hi Simon,

Wim has two good suggestions, here is a third.

Provided that the following is true.

The dash lines were there for our benefit and isn't part of the export from OE.

The Number of fields are always the same With or Without data, the field names are there (as per your example).

Then you could run the data through a Text Editor and Find/Replace the Field names with Tabs, Except for Contact_FirstName:, which you would just delete, and then import the text into your FileMaker file.



FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Mac OS 9

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This topic is 6496 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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