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Fancy launcher with error codes

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The attached is an example of a launcher or "opener" file that you can use to open hosted files. It includes two sample files to test launching.

It includes a table of FileMaker errors so your users can get a more intelligible message when there's a problem -- try changing the file references to see an error message.

Also includes some preferences for automatic launching, some simple script parameter usage and a couple of FileMaker 7 stupid window tricks.

It's open and unlocked. I hope it proves useful to someone.

Please report any problems or suggestions.


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File updated with default password
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I am a relative "newbie" to Filemaker Pro. I have a question relating to your posting that I hope you can help me with.

First, the answer to my question my be in your attachment...however, I cannot open it. Any ideas? It downloads to my machine as a .php file....?? I am using MacOS10.2.8

**I am trying to create an "opener" that when clicked on, will open a remote file on our server. However, I am doing something wrong and can't figure it out. Here is what I did:

I created a new BLANK file, added a dummy field called open, and created an script pointing to the remote file. It seems to work if I manually go to script from the menu and select that script...HOWEVER I want it to open the remote file automatically.

Please help. :-)



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Welcome to the Forums. The download should arrive as a .zip or other compressed file type. Getting the .php would indicate some settings on your browser may not be correct.

Regarding the opener file. In FileMaker Pro -> Preferences -> Document.. you can set the script to fire when the file is opened, in which case it will automatically perform its task.


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The file in the original post has been updated to open with the default login info, which by the way is admin/(blank). A thousand apologies, I hadn't looked at this thread in months.

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The link is broken, probably caused by our recent upgrade.

I found it by clincking on the [color:blue]SOLUTION LIBRARY Button above, and then searched for the word Opener.

Here is the new file link Click here.



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