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Sam Laundon

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I am converting cdml to php for FileMaker unlimited and I am finding in my conversion that the php version loads slower than the cdml version, especially when accessing lists. I am doing this conversion for the eventually migration to FileMaker Server 7.

I have put only the files needed to be accessed on their own layout, but this does not seem to have improved the performance. From readings I have done, I have gotten the impression that php should be faster than cdml. One example where I see the slowness of my php solution is accessing two databases: on a php page I have a client listed along with all the clients orders, so I am accessing two databases (client.fp5 & orders.fp5). This page takes a number of seconds longer to load then the php version.

Any pointers on how to improve performance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Sam

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We have just completed phase one of our conversion and in testing on a local machine, it is noticably slower that the CDML running off the server. The next test will be done on the actual files on filemaker server. But I am thinking that we will find the same result.

I have the same question - what are the tricks to speed up PHP. Perhaps it is just slower, given that fx.php is converting xml data.

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This topic is 6599 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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