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[database_fmcontainer] tag is my arch nemesis


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The years drift by like sand through an hourglass, seasons come and go, and still I have not yet gotten the lasso [database_fmcontainer] tag to work. I have read the greenspan-esque description of the tag in the lasso manual so many times now that it reads like haiku:

"the code above represents the complete

content of a lasso page"

But there are still so many unanswered questions: does the first block of code go into the image.lasso file? And what does the variable "ContainerData" do once it has been assigned? it's introduced, and then never used...

Every few months when I feel recharged enough to deal with the frustration, I sit down to try and make this work, and it never does. My problem:

I need to display mulitple images on one lasso format file (lets call it "results.lasso") coming from a single record in a filmaker 6 database (let's call it "products.fp5"). Each record has like 4 or 5 views of the same product in container fields (lets call the fields "pic1", "pic2" etc.). Can anyone help me crack this mystery so I can put this issue to rest and move on with my life?

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I got it to work with FM Advanced - you can see examples by going to http://www.tcs-inc.us/advisories/advisory.lasso

Essentially there are two files - one which is the Page that I want to display and the second which is the "Pic" file:

Heres the lasso code for the pic file:

[inline: -database='libdocs', -table='web_news', -keyvalue=(action_param:'id'), -Search]


and heres the lasso part of the file that calls it -

[records] [Date_Format: (field:'creation_date')]   [Date_Format: (field:'creation_date'), -Format='%d'] , [Date_Format: (field:'creation_date'), -Format='%Y']




[/if] [field:'article_1', -encodebreak] [/records] [/inline]

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This topic is 5711 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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