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getting the accurate number of days

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I have a calculation which determines the age of a person.

it is

Year(Get(CurrentDate)) - Year(dateofbirth)

This however returns 56 years. The original dateofbirth entry was


I wouldlike to find a way or a formula to determine the exact number of days this person has been alive and I need help with this.

Thanks very very much


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This topic comes up all of the time. If you did a search for Age, Birthday Calculation, etc. you should see a bunch of treads on this.

Here is a calculation:

GetAsNumber(Year(Get(CurrentDate)) -

Year(dateofbirth) - Case(Get(CurrentDate) <

Date(Month(dateofbirth); Day(dateofbirth); Year(Get(CurrentDate))); 1; 0)) & " Years, "


GetAsNumber(Mod(Month(Get(CurrentDate)) -

Month(dateofbirth) + 12 - Case(Day(Get(CurrentDate)) <

Day(dateofbirth); 1; 0); 12)) & " Months, "


GetAsNumber(Day(Get(CurrentDate)) -

Day(dateofbirth) + Case(Day(Get(CurrentDate)) >=

Day(dateofbirth); 0; Day(Get(CurrentDate) -

Day(Get(CurrentDate))) <

Day(dateofbirth); Day(dateofbirth); Day(Get(CurrentDate) -

Day(Get(CurrentDate))))) & " Days"



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And I'll add to it. The issue is dropping one year if the current year's birthday hasn't happened yet. Since you just want number of years, try:

Let (

thisBday = Date ( Month ( dateofbirth ) ; Day ( dateofbirth ) ; Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ) ;

Year ( Get ( CurrentDate) ) - Year ( dateofbirth ) - ( thisBday > Get ( CurrentDate ) )


Corrected less than to greater than ... :blush2: Freudian slip. And I should mention this is result of number and needs to be UNSTORED. The GetAsNumber is not required because FM adds dates just fine - they ARE numbers. I believe you threw Kent off because you contradicted yourself - first wanting years but then saying exact number of DAYS. If so, a number result with: Get ( CurrentDate ) - dateofbirth will give you their total days.

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This topic is 6075 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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