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Paycheck Generator - Automatizing Problems


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Hello, this is my first post so don't be surprised if i don't know the format and the usual procedure followed on this forum, but i hope you can help me anyway, thanx in advance :

I'm currently working on a database solution for a small business, creating a complete registry of all their employees, with contract details, and an added function: the app calculates the monthly paycheck for each employee based on the contract type and days worked. The problem I've encountered is relatively simple, but this is my first contact with filemaker so I've had some problems with the scripting involved, I'll explain:

To calculate paychecks the app uses assigned variables for each contract type, and multiplies by the number of days worked during the month, my problem is that whenever the salary to calculate is of the month of december the app returns an erroneous value, as I have to calculate the number of days between Date(CurrentDate(12/1/XXXX) and (CurrentMonth+1/1/XXXX), for some reason the program reads this as month 13(wich obviously doesn't exist) instead of just adding 1 to the currentyear value.

I'm a novice and have been using Filemaker during 1 month aprox, so if any of this didn't make enough sense tell me and I'll try to clarify, thx,

Sam :

PS: an [if] would solve this but I don't know exactly how.

PS2: Dunno if this is even the right forum to post my problem, if it isn't someone point it out plz.

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You need a calculation something like this:

If ( Month ( date ) = 12 ;

Date ( 1 ; Day ( date ) ; Year ( date ) + 1 ) ;

Date ( Month ( date ) + 1 ; Day ( date ) ; Year ( date ) )


I attached a simple file that has a date field, a calc field that use the above calc, and a field that tells the days detween the two dates. Hopefuly that will help.


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This topic is 5659 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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