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Need Mac Runtime App for business

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I run a music production business.This is how one web based developer summarized my needs, I am trying to find out what this would cost to do in Filemaker in comparison to his quote to me. 

Thanks for any input!


Tom H

There will be the following modules at the left side of the app:


Invoice(to create and generate Invoices)

Team(to add people like Bob, Dab, etc. along with their designations)

Dashboard(to filter and view the data)

Expences(to add in the expence)




In this section you will be able to view name of all the team members along with their designation and total earning.

On clicking the team member you will be able to see all of the amounts seperately you have paid to that member with date, job and title. All of this will be  sorted in monthly columns with total of each month and at the end you will have the total of all months. You will also be able to manually add the new amount directly into the data of that particular team member.

You will be able to add new team members in this module along with their Name and designation.




In this section you will add the invoice number, the address, number and email of the client.

The date of the invoice will be automatically todays date but it can be changed manually aswell.

Below that you will add the title of the music and artist, after that you will be able to select the Costs that was applied to that designation via a dropdown. You will be able to tick all the members like Drummer, Vocal, Production, etc that you have already added to the TEAM module.

After that you will be able to add the unit price and then you will be able to add the second music.

Once all of this is done you can click the Save and print button and the invoice will be saved in the website and it will be downloaded to you pc as pdf aswell.




In this section you will be able to add the Title, cost and date of the expence and you will be able to view app of the previously added ones aswell.

You can see the total of the expences at the end of that page and you will be able to sort it out with monthly, weekly, by date or early expences.




In this section you will be able to view total of all Team members, Total of all your amount, total of expences and a total of your income. You will be able to select yearly, monthly, weekly and a perticular date you wish to see the data of.

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Runtimes have been removed from the platform. You would need license to match the number of users. In addition I only recommend you host your solution with server hosted in the cloud by provider or on premises server. 

For invoicing and expenses you may consider using API to Quickbooks or using one of the tools from vendors such as Productive Computing or Proof+Geist. Accounting system would be much better suited for this.


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Actually, the whole thing seems doable in quickbooks. But I too recommend integrating with an accounting system if you need to extend its functionality, not building one in FileMaker. 

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