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solutions wanted Need older FMP & FMS licenses

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We are working with a medical non-profit working in Latin America, running on much older hardware.  Seeking older individual or group/site license seats of FMP & FMS 13, 14, or 15.

We need a bunch.  We could buy site license seats, or simple 1-off licenses.   

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I would contact FileMaker Inc. about your need because, most older versions are not eligible to be resold per the license agreement. This is because, they were probably used for upgrading.

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We've actually purchased dozens previously.

Items shipped in retail package fall under the First Use laws, and as such are able to be resold legally.  Filemaker has provided us guidelines on second-hand purchase of such packages, which we follow.

The situation for us is that most of the non-profits can't afford new systems, and are running very old hardware (circa 2006-2008), so they're running OSX 10.6-10.8, which puts us in needing FMP12-14....

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