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Font choice for cross platform?

jim lee

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Just winding down a FM project. The idea is to spin it offf as a stand alone application PC & Mac. So, after doing all the development on my Mac, I tested it on the PC. Looks terrible. Seems the PC doesn't come out of the box with Helvetica. The entire interface is helvetica.. Arrgh!

Is there a best choice for a font that works cross platform? Can I bundle some helvetica font with an installer? I'm sure I'm not the first to run across this pothole.

Any hints? Please?

Many thanks in advance!

-jim lee

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I read along time ago that Arial 11pt was the only font that renders pretty much the same and its always been ok for me ... my problem is i am sick of it so i have a quick question..

do you have Lucida Sans on your system?

I think it comes with Itunes and i know its very stupid but i like it and may just install Itunes on all of my future clients as they usually have it anyway :

(I know I know they may change that any time but thats my problem)


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I am using 8.5 Advanced. I do the design on my Mac, and the move it over to Windows to create a run-time version.

I used Tahoma on my Mac because it was one of the (only) four fonts that show up in my Windows version - Arial, Courier New, Tahoma and Times Roman.

Even though I used Tahoma on my Mac, it looks like crap on Windows - and it appears larger than what is on my Mac.

Is there a quick solution to solving this or do I have to re-do everything in Arial?



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This topic is 6437 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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