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Advanced Filemaker Developer(s) sought (preferably who like golf)


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Hi there.

A couple of years ago we were gainfully employed as fun loving Filemaker developers. Our company took a change in direction and we ended up working on PHP web apps and other less friendly environments instead.

At the time we were putting the finishing touches on a rather cool golf related software product, developed entirely in Filemaker 6/7. It was an in-house project, and we put over 2000 hours into its development, getting it to about 90% completion.


The software was designed to track a golfers personal lifetime history of golf and was intended to make a useful and marketable consumer golf software product.

It incorporated many innovative features, particularly in the area of its user interface and integration with a related website. It was designed to work in conjunction with an online PHP application which would work to gather and share club information data with other golfers around the world. As scorecards are entered into the Filemaker app by golfers worldwide, an online database of golf courses is polled, and information uploaded and downloaded. The plan was for users to contribute reviews, scorecard data and other information in community fashion, all through the local Filemaker app, in order to build an Internet Movie Database style site featuring golf course information worldwide.

This was a major project for us and we had high hopes for it. A lot of effort went into its development right up to the point of its mothballing. We simply ran of dedicated resources to continue it.

We had previously been involved with other successful community projects so we have the community side covered. We now have new funding in place for our business and can once again look at completing this project.

Put simply, we are looking for one or more motivated and highly competant Filemaker Developers to take on the challenge to finish this wonderful product. It will need a passion for golf ideally, some excellent Filemaker skills and a strong composure and ability to reverse engineer, digest, and rework someone else's complex Filemaker code.

Are you interested? Do you want to make it your own!?

Drop us a line at [email protected] or start a private topic.

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This topic is 5765 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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