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Chef Roy

solutions wanted Project Conversion to MAC

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I have developed a Membership Roster for my Chef Group with FM PRO-8 Advanced with view to distribution to our 2000 members. It would seem however, that a lot of people use MAC and although the data is cross platform compatible, it is not so for the run-time versions.

For the PC I presently am able compile the runtime version to create an INSTALLWIZARD version for auto installation from a CD.

Not that my knowledge of this process is correct because this is new to me however, I am looking to hire the services of a person who can guide me on the project and provide the following:

1. Compile the PC version of my FP7 files to a runtime MAC version.

2. Generate autoinstall files for the MAC

3. Provide all necessary file elements for my CD-ROM manufacturer to add to the CD so that they can produce a HYBRID version allowing for PC and MAC installation

4. Can provide the files by June 15 with a 10 day window of accress to have finished elements to the CD-ROM manufacturer.

Please call 506-878-3430 for discussion and pricing.

Roy Butterworth.


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If you have a friend with a Mac:

1. Take your files and your copy of FMP Advanced to your friend's house.

2. Install FMP Advanced ( It is a cross platform CD I believe)

3. Put your original files onto the Mac and create a Runtime

4. If your friend has Toast, He can create a Mac/PC compatible CD for you.

I notice that you have a .ca email address. I am in Barrie Ontario, if that is helpfull to you.

Contact me at dmcqueen@csolve.net or phone (705)720-9022 or (705)728-2289

This is not a real big deal. You are just short one Mac.


Dave McQueen

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