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Certified FM Pro Developer/Entrepreneur


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Seeking certified FileMaker Pro developer to upgrade established vertical-market application with user base in excess of 10,000 graphic artists.

The existing FileMaker runtime app is currently distributed as shareware. It is widely known within its industry and continually downloaded every day by word of mouth. It is considered indispensable by its many adherents. It is used in educational as well as professional environments. It is a required at several colleges and trade schools. With added features and a revamped GUI it will be monetized as “for-pay” upgrade to the entire registered user base. There is a hungry demand for this upgrade.

This opportunity is a joint venture with myself, the original developer, to generate a new revenue stream from the existing user base. A LLP will be created to effect revenue sharing. This is, in effect, a combined investment of your time and my intellectual property to create profit. We will be partners. MRDs have been researched and written; implementation remains. The “heavy lifting” has already been done.

I have been using FileMaker since Nashoba and Mac Plus days. The application has been continually upgraded since 1993 and through Filemaker Developer 6.x.

You must be a FileMaker Certified Developer. Interested parties please respond by email. ([email protected])

Thank you.

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This topic is 6082 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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