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Here is! Run FMPro as an NT Service


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Hi Folks!

There seems to have been confusions on this forum about FMPro Unlimited and FMPro Server!


1. FMPro Server

a) Can be accessed with FMPro only

: Cannot act as HTML server

c) Run only as an NT Service

2. FMPro Unlimitted

a) Can be accessed with FMPro

: Can distribute web pages

c) Does not run as an NT Service by default

*** If you want to serve web pages, you need FMPro Unlimited (or FMPro)!


1. If NT reboots, you have to log-in and restart your database.

2. You're then faced with the dilemma:

a) if you lock the server, others can't access it

B) if you don't lock it, your network is left wide open

*** You want FMPro Unlimited to run as a service! It will restart itself after a reboot AND will not interfere with other users or administrator who need to logon to the server (or the workstation).

*** This will work with NT Server or Workstation: you can use NT Workstation to run FMPro Server or Unlimited since nobody will use the file or print services, therefore you are complying with the license agreement.


1. We use FMPro Server on NT Server A and FMPro Unlimitted on NT Server B.

2. Database files are on Server A.

3. FMPro Unlimited on Server B connects to FMPro Server on Server A to access the database files.

4. Users can access Server A with their FMPro or Server B with their browser.

5. All database accesses are password-protected.


Here is my 3 step solution to have FMPro Unlimited on Server B running as a service (could be more fancy but this is simple):

1. Download, install and configure SRVANY:

a) Download the code form http://vbwire.com/advanced/howto/srvany.zip

B) Unzip and drop the SRVANY.EXE and INSTSRV.EXE files in C:WINNTSYSTEM32

c) Run this at the command prompt:

>c:winntsystem32instsrv.exe "Filemaker Pro Unlimited" c:winntsystem32srvany.exe

d) Then run (at the command prompt):


e) Create a key called "Parameters" under:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesFilemaker Pro Unlimited

f) Create a value called "Application" under:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesFilemaker Pro UnlimitedParameters

of type REG_SZ and enter the string:

C:Program FilesFilemakerFilemaker Pro 5FileMaker Pro.exe

g) Create a value called "AppParameters" under:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesFilemaker Pro UnlimitedParameters

of type REG_SZ and enter the string:

C:Program FilesFilemakerFilemaker Pro 5Startup.FP5

h) Launch the "Services" control panel, double-click on the "Filemaker Pro Unlimited" service, select "Log on: This Account" and enter the user name and password of your network administrator.

*** Or create a filemaker pro user with admin rights and password set not to expire.

2. Create a "Startup.FP5" with an autorun script.

a) Create a new database with no fields under:

C:Program FilesFilemakerFilemaker Pro 5Startup.FP5

B) Create a script called "Startup" that will open each database that your server will need.

*** For example, to open FILE.FP5 from Server A, you will get:

Open["File.fp5 (*)"]

c) Under "File/Access Privileges/Password" just enter the SAME password that has access to all the files that you want to open and click on "Done".

d) Under "Edit/Preferences/Document", click on "Try default password" and enter the same password, then click on the first "Perform Script" and select the "Startup" script you've created.

3. Step 3? There is no sept 3! Just wait until NT reboots: it should not take very long smile.gif

Or just start the Filemaker Pro Unlimited Service under the Services control panel and log out.

Go get a coffea. Go have a walk outside and enjoy the sun. You've just saved yourself a lot of grief!



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>Hi Jepar,

>Thanks for your bulletin. Making Unlimited to run as a service works great. I adopted your same approach and followed the points step by step. I have one problem though. After a period of time(2 hours; overnight) I receive a message "Database Not Open" Unable to process your request because the database "directory.fp5" is not open." This happens when I try to access the database from the web. So I'd figure "disconnect idle guests" was enabled from the FMPro Server side, I was right, so I disabled the option.

>Allow me to throw out this question... I have the unlimited service automatically starting with user id and password A. The server service has no user id and password starting automatically as well. However, I disabled the "disconnect idle guests" option with user id and password B. Does this make a difference? Also, the Web Connector recognizes the database as well.

Additional info: NT with Service Pack 6a.

>How can I fix this problem?



Hi Sean

I never had to reboot my NT servers and have never experienced

a disconnect. Both servers have no other software running.

My "disconnect idle guests" was unchecked by default. So I've

never had to face your issue.

By experience, I know that:

1. When you configure a service while logged under

a specific NT account (user id and password), the configuration

change takes effect for the NT account the service is currently

running under OR takes effect for all users on the machine.

2. When you configure an application running as a service,

1) if you must run the application to configure it, then usually

the configuration will take effect only for your user account

(but there are exceptions).

2) if the application comes on the desktop as you log on,

(the service is interactive), then the configuration change will

take effect for the service account.

Bottomline: in your case, I am pretty confident that NT accounts

have no impact on your FMPro server service configuration.

My suggestion? If you still experience problems after configuring

the FMPro server service, try this: log under the same account you

have put in the FMPro unlimited service configuration, stop the

service and start your database using your "startup.fp5" file.

Lock the computer to prevent access, and leave it running.

If the error comes back, you will be able to troubleshoot it as

FMPro unlimitted will be available.



I run NT 4.0 SP6a too.

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This topic is 7541 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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