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Opening New Window on top of Current

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Is there a way to open a new window (sized correctly) on top of the main window. I have made a script that opens a new window but the main window resizes when I do this. I need to be able to make a new window open on top of the current window without the main window resizing.

Also is there any way to take off the thick blue header on the new window -- not needed.

Any ideas?


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If you're going to use maximized windows on Windows, you'll have to compromise with something like this in your script:

Move/Resize Window[ Get(WindowDesktopHeight) ; Get(WindowDesktopWidth) ]

then open your new window; then after you close it:

Adjust Window[ Maximize ]

Thick blue header is not optional AFAIK.

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Thank you but could you show me what you mean: I need a smaller window to open on the main window page.

The smaller window size is

Height: 950 pix

Width: 370 Pix


150 pix

70 pix

The main window is maximized

Thank you

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Tha main window can not remain maximized on Windows when another window opens. The best that it can do is resize to a certain size as Fitch said.

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[color:black]This is an example of a technique I've been using for a little while. It was taken/borrowed from a FileMakerMagazine.com video.

[color:gray]Set Variable [ $$pwindow_name; Value:Get ( WindowName ) ]

Set Variable [ $$window_values; Value:Get ( WindowTop ) & ¶ &

Get ( WindowLeft ) & ¶ &

Get ( WindowWidth ) & ¶ &

Get ( WindowHeight ) ]

Set Variable [ $$window_name; Value:"Contact Edit" ]

New Window [ Name: $$window_name ]

Go to Layout [ “Contact_Edit” (Contact) ]

Show/Hide Status Area

[ Hide ]

Adjust Window

[ Resize to Fit ]

Perform Script [ “Center Window”; Parameter: "Screen" ]

[color:black]This is the important part of the script "Center Window"

[color:gray]Move/Resize Window [ Current Window; Top: (Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) / 2) - (Get ( WindowHeight ) / 2); Left: (Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) / 2) - (Get ( WindowWidth ) /

2) ]

[color:black]I'd recommend looking into the full article/video it goes into much greater detail and there are additional option that I'm not using but may work for your needs.

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