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Filemaker Version Control Software

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We all face the issue with our own software we develop, of new feature requests, bug reporting and fixing and knowing what features were in which version of our software.

I am about to write my own Filemaker/Web Enabled software to do that.

My question is does anyone have something like this for sale or they would like to share ?

If not, I'll report back when I have something if anyone shows an interest.

Glenn S.

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What I trying to achieve (and have seen in some non FM based commercial software) is

  • Web based link within my software for the client to report bugs and suggestions and clients version and basic system info
  • Filemaker back end that tracks replies and outcomes
  • Documentation that is searchable by any member of my team from any location
  • Timely responses by Email or SMS to any enquiry by my clients
  • Phone browser capable when we are on the road
  • And more ... of course

It was fine while I was flying solo or even 2 of us but 3 or more is a confused crowd and I must do something.

Just imagine what Filemaker Inc must have when a suggestion/bug occurs and how that gets documented and passed within the organisation until the point of being included in a release.

Project Management, Job Tracking whatever you want to call it, surely the bigger software development companies must have something they use themselves.

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None of that is version control. That's help desk and bug tracking. There are a heap of open source and commercial systems out there. I knocked-up a simple one in a couple of days to wrangle all the bugs in a new system. I wasn't terrific but it did the job better than dozens of Excel spreadsheets which were being used.

By version control I imagine a system to manage the development process. THAT would be interesting to see in FMP because its single-file format does not offer many opportunities to do version control like those for "normal" software development.

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This is an old thread - don't know if anyone is still paying attention. I have started using SVN for version control via a web-based host (Codesion) and Tortoise SVN client on my computer. You can't use the diffs and merge that would work for text-based source, but you can still use the version control. I plan to start using FM Diff to compare versions, though it won't do any kind of automated merge.


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Please update your profile to indicate the platform, operating system and version of FileMaker you're using.

It only takes a moment and is really easy to do. Go to the top of the page on the right-hand side and click on your name. Click on my profile, and when you get the new browser page click on the button that says Edit my profile, you will see where to change this information at the bottom of the page.



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I am very interested in how you use Subversion for version control. I am new to Subversion, started working with a small team on a php project. I wish I could use it for FM so I would appreciate any ideas or strategy that you use!


Hopeful in Sacramento, CA

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This topic is 521 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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