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Remote Connection Issues

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Please let me know if this is not the right forum for this question.


— We have FM Pro 10 Advanced loaded on a Mac OSX server in NY.

— We have a contractor who has been hired to edit database content in Kentucky on a Windows Vista laptop running FM 10 Pro.

— We have successfully set up a VPN connection and have remote access to the DB files (using favorite hosts and setting a local/internal IP address for the server network).


When VPN connection is active, internet browser connection slows to a stand still (even though FM works fine) and he must have access to both while editing the DB as he uses browser to gather data entered into the DB. I am a Mac guy, but through a PC buddy of mine, I found that the PC tends to default to using the VPN connection for all internet traffic and was thus serving all traffic, including browser traffic, through the server in NY.

So, I turned off Use remote gateway as default in the Network properties section on the PC. This immediately fixed the browser problem, but also killed FMs ability to see the remote files in Open remote.

Does anyone know how to either:

1)get FM to see the remote files when VPN is on and Use remote gateway as default is off?

2)how to get the browser to bypass the VPN without it compromising FMs connection?

thanks guys


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Essentially, this setup is flawed.

Why are you running FMP Advanced on the server? The fellow in Kentucky isn't editing or changing a database by accessing it remotely in this fashion while it's being served by the server I hope. That could be catastrophic.

Tell us more, and maybe we can figure out some way to help you get this working correctly.


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Hi Steven,

Let me explain a bit more. The server is mainly set-up as a general file server and the DB is mainly accessed/edited directly on the server Mac itself. This guy is going to be doing editing remotely and will be doing so when no one else is accessing the DB (locally or remotely). In the long run, we will switch to FM Server, but at this point it is not financially viable and the amount of remote need is minimal (1 remote user, no simultaneous users). Once the business picks up and there is need for remote access we will be able to switch over.

Hope this helps clear up the situation.



Let me add, I can do this via Mac with no problems and it's just the browser having to go through the server via vpn that is killing us.

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This topic is 4364 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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