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need scripts so FM will talk to infusionsoft


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I use ODLink (www.odlink.com) which is a filemaker application for eye doctors. I also use infusionsoft (www.infusionsoft.com) customer relationship management software. I want filemaker to update my infusionsoft database (using the infusionsoft API I presume via zippscript) in several ways.

As new patients are added or their demographic info changes in filemaker, I want infusionsoft to know about it. I also want infusionsoft's calendar to be updated as updates are made to my calendar in filemaker.

Third, I want filemaker to notify infusionsoft of financial transactions-- each time a patient pays or an insurance pays on behalf of a patient, I want infusionsoft to keep a running total of lifetime customer value.

Finally, I want certain events in filemaker to trigger "follow-up sequences" (glorified auto-responders) in infusionsoft.

I think anyone bidding on this position should have experience both with filemaker scripting and with php.

Call me any time at 908 209 1454 or email me at [email protected]



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This topic is 4353 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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