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Looking for Someone To Help With Finalizing My Database


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Hello everyone,

I am new to this site and the forum as well. So thank you in advance to any/all that respond.

I have hit an impasse. Over the past few months I have been designing and creating from scratch a brand new database. However, there are some things that I just cannot do. I used FM many years ago but never to this extent and never have I created an entire database. With that said, I have a little bit of work that needs to get done and I am, quite honestly, tired of wasting so many days, weeks and months trying to figure this out on my own. Trial and error is great and a necessary process but at some point you gotta ask for help. So here I am.

I am looking for someone to come in for a short term project (2 or 3 days). It really shouldn't take much longer than that because I have pretty much finished the whole thing. If you can assist, either as a temp employee (from an agency) or as a consultant, it's required that you sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Here's a brief scope of work:

Experience Needed: FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced

1. Review the completed database schema to make sure it is optimized and the relationships work correctly (Basically I need a teacher to review my work :D )

2. Create reports that are configured correctly & develop scripts (buttons) to produce them (I already have some but am not familiar with scripts or calculations to do more complicated reports)

3. Technical: Create a login & password for other users (currently the db is not on a FM Server); set up security for multiple users (admin, read-only), possible knowledge of networking/instant web publishing and if my I can use this feature.

One major issue I am having is the db "crashing". Two or three times a day I will get a "file is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the recover command..." message. When I go to recover the file, a message comes up that says "Recover built a new db w/o detecting any problems. The new db is safe to use..." So, if everything was rebuilt with no problems found & no data missing, why does it say it was damaged? My non-technical mind believes it might have something to do with going back and forth between MAC OS X and Windows 7 using VMware Fusion. I use a Mac and most times have Windows running all day long.

It's a small db but until I can get all this worked out, I am doing double duty by entering the data in FM AND Excel so that the data I am tracking & maintaining is not lost. Please someone help save me time and give me peace of mind with this database.

The work must be done in our office. So, if you are in the Los Angeles area please let me know your interest, rate, resume or any other information you deem important. Email me Thank You!

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This topic is 4308 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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