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FMP Unlimited Server OS

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I want to set up 2 website's with a single PC. I'm not sure what Operating System I need nor how to configure the OS to manage 2 unique IP's. Can I use Windows 95 or will I need windows NT server? Thanks for the help....


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You can have more than one "web site" on a computer. But it depends on how you define, "web site". If you mean different domain names like www.yum.com and www.yuk.com being hosted on the same machine then probably but I don't know for sure with FMP you probably need a real web server application and run Web Companion on port 591.

If you mean www.yum.com/wow and www.yum.com/unreal then yep that's easy to do: just put the html format files in separate folders inside FMP's web folder.

I should note that I didn't know that yum and yuk were real domain names, no association etc.

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This topic is 7105 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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