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Methods for printing various layouts from within browwers?

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We are currently evaluating FileMaker Pro Unlimited for use within our company, and have found very few resources available other than marketing info. I have not been able to find any tools or utilities that would allow printing of various defined layouts from within the browser. Is the browser's print command the only method of printing from within the browser?

Assistance would be much apprecitated.

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It sounds like you are using "instant" web publishing. This is where Web Companion tries to reproduce the database layout as a web page. While seemingly convenient, it has a lot of limitations the main one being that only buttons with "go to layout" scripts work on the resulting web page.

Custom web publishing is where html format fiels are created to make the web experince exactly the way you want. It takes a bit of time learning how to do it well (like chess) but with the right tools it's not hard.


First download the free trial version of Claris HomePage 3 from http://www.filemaker.com/downloads/index.html and use HomePage's "FileMaker Connection Assistant" to buid yourself a set of basic format pages. Learn how they work, modify them to suit your needs.

The trial verson is programmed to quit working 30 days after the date in which it is installed. (There is a clue here...)

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Thanks for the quick response. I've downloaded Claris Homepage 3.0 for Windows and have spent some time reviewing it's capablilities, specifically the FileMaker connection tags. I have been unable to find any reference to any commands that would allow printing of a specific FileMaker layout from within the html.

With respect to the "Instant" web publishing you referred to, this will fit our needs quite well with the exception of the printing. On occasion, users will need to print a hardcopy of a form, such as a "transmittal" or a "purchase order", etc., and we will need it to be in a specific format rather than looking like a screen shot of an internet browser.

Is it possible to customize the web portal to define a print command that could be placed in the left navigation area of the web portal. Further, could you then define a layout to use for this print command as you would when setting up view definitions in the "File Sharing" dialog box in FileMaker Pro when setting up other aspects of web publishing. I have not seen FileMaker Pro Unlimited's Web Server Connector, and therefore I am not aware of any additional capablilities it provides over FileMaker Pro's Web Companion, if any.

Again, thank you for your assistance.

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well, the trick is with custom publishing, you can run scripts on FM from the web. Thus you can have different scripts go to different layouts and all that jazz for print. Can't do this with instant.


p.s. - Vaughan, are you suggesting what i think you are suggesting?!?!?! oh me oh my!!!

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