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ODBC File on FileMakerServer Adv - Remote

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Got a problem with establishing ODBC connection on relations: my local PC to the file on remote server.

"Failed to connect to listener[2]" is the error which I got out of ODBC FileMaker DSN configuration manager while testing connection.

I did use manual and advices from this link:

http://help.filemake...kw/xdbc drivers

Few possible reasons:

1.) In FileMaker ServerDatabase ServerExtensions folder I'm missing


I was digging the web to find


plugin but couldnt get it.

Does anyone know where I can download


2.) In official JDBC/ODBC filemaker manual they are mentioning xDBC driver for FileMakerPro and FileMakerServer Advanced.

But in further text they talk only about configuring ODBC driver related to the FileMakerPro.

So, is the there specific ODBC driver for FileMakerServer and how can I install it?

3.) When we go in FileMakerPro on File->Sharing->ODBC/JDBC - it is turned on but cant relate sharing to the specific privilege set because these options are blocked, simply no radio button available to check one of offering options: All Users, Specify users by privilege set or No users. Why these options are blocked for checking?

Is anyone familiar with this kind of situation?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

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You do have FileMaker Server Advanced, right? If so, did you choose to enable xDBC as part of the deployment wizard? Is the xDBC option enabled in the FileMaker Server admin console?

As to your #3: do you have a file open and selected in the "currently open files" list when you try that?

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Thanks guys,

Yes Wim, I did make all these checks before I posted here.

Just to add that m able to establish ODBC locally but when targeting remote, ODBC test failed.

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