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How to create query like MS Access?

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In MS Access, I can easily create query that contain the criteria and that query can be used as the data source for the table. How can I do on FM 12?



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Filemaker is not MS Access. It's a different paradigm that you have to work with a bit before "getting" it. If you think of the relationship graph as a context sensitive query builder it might help easy the transition from Microsoft land. Scipted finds are another useful tool to product filtered/sorted data sets.

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The query builder in Access is very similar to going to Find mode on a Table view in FM and typing in your search criteria.

I would suggest you get the latest official FileMaker Training Series (FTS) book, it's very cheap (50$ I think) and work through the first couple of chapters. That'll be less painful / frustrating than trying to find one-to-one matches between Access and FM behavior. It'll help get you through the learning curve very quickly.

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The Tutorial (that comes with every FM install) has a section on finding and sorting. Start with that & the HELP topics on Find, then get the FTS, as Wim suggested.

1. you can MANUALLY perform a find (query)

a. there is also a CONSTRAIN find feature

b. there is also an EXTEND find feature

2. once you understand the way FM makes the find, you can:

a. SAVE the find (to go back to it again -sort of like a favorites)

b. SCRIPT the find (to go back to it again)

NOTE: Scripted finds can be edited if you need to.


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