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Select the portion of text to use in a reply to quote.

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A long time ago in a version of this sites software, we were able to select a portion of the text from a post, and then use Quote button for it to be used in the new Reply.


Is there any chance that we can re-incorporate this feature in this or a future site software release?


Currently, when you Quote a post, the Forum includes the whole post, and then you have to then remove from it that portion you don’t need in your reply, or leave it and be unclear as to what you are quoting.




Copy that portion you need, and then use the quote button in your Reply. This isn’t as clean because, you don’t get the OP’s name so that it can be a problem following the thread. The other method is to use regular quotes, but you still need to indicate who you are quoting.



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its been requested before but it's part of the system i can't modify however the next version will make it better:




We've rewritten how this works to use a CSS3 based solution rather than JavaScript to keep the citation header attached to the quote, which makes the feature much more reliable and easy to use when splitting quote boxes, moving the cursor before or after the quote box or dealing with embedded quotes.
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This topic is 2608 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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