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FM13 : UI lockup with Merge field with showing Record Count

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I have a large solution that was recently converted from FM Server 11 to FM Server 13.  In general, it's working great.


However, I just found one layout which locks up & beach balls whenever I switch to a certain Tab on the layout.   When this happens, the cursor turns to a beach ball for 5-10 seconds at a time.


The Tab that causes problems has several Text blocks that include a merge field:


Which refers to a Calculated field for the table which is defined as

cFoundCount = Unstored, from Data = Get(FoundCount)   Storage options : Do not store calculation results.

As a test, I tried changing the text blocks to instead refer to the 


But the behavior remains the same.


Any ideas?


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Hah - I thought I had the problem identified, but turned out I was wrong.

The actual problem had nothing to do with the use of Get(FoundCount), but in fact was due to a malfunctioning ToolTip function. This custom tooltip function that I wrote used Recursion to find the right tooltip, and something in the conversion from FM11 to FM13 seemed to break it.

So, basically this should be written off as "User Error: Don't Do That: Infinite recursion in a custom function used for a tooltip is a bad idea"

Nevermind :)

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This topic is 3240 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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