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Hello All, 

I am using FMSP to track products and orders from suppliers. I need to track qty in from invoices as well as product variations and qty on hand at different locations. 
The problem I have run into is tracking products with variations. When placing an order with a supplier 1 item number can be associated with multiple UPC/barcodes. For example item number 123 includes 4 different item variations each with it’s own barcode, so the PO/Invoice from supplier shows I ordered a qty of 24 but I actually received 6 each of 4 different items. 
What is the best way to go about dealing with product variations? I tried adding a barcode table that related to products but couldn’t figure out how to track qty out to different locations by barcode.
Should I add an inventory ledger table that somehow tracks inventory in/out to different locations?
Sorry for all the questions, I just can’t seem to get this figured out!
Thank you in advance for your assistance! FMSP is hands down the best Filemaker Pro starter product out there!
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That topic is a bit deep to simply type up on a thread, but...it has been selected to be discussed tomorrow in our Live Training FM Starting Point Session.


Please register for FM Starting Point Q&A Session on Jan 20, 2015 1:00 PM PST at:  


This is your chance to ask the experts about expanding FM Starting Point, by adding modules to meet your meets. Access to this training is limited to people who have purchased the www.learningfilemaker.com video training previously... which is you! Submit your Questions now... for Webinar... to [email protected] Questions should be about expanding FM Starting Point. 

As a note: Everyone attending this trans has purchased the Pro 13 Video Course (or should have). We will be referencing videos for you to go watch...after the event is over... to finish your learning on various topics. 

Update: Questions Submitted Thus Far: 

(1) I run a small operations, and I need to share my Database with my iPad, out of the Office. What the cheapest way of doing this? 

(2) I need to track serial numbers for products in Inventory. I also needs to track which serials are sold to specific people. How do I set this up? (this will take a little doing) 

(3) I need to manage identical products shipped to my warehouse by multiple suppliers. I need to tract these separately, but they are essentially identical products. Whats the best way to handle this. 

(4) Will discuss upcoming enhancements to FMSP to allow proper tracking of time... of staff... against projects. (Version 4.3) 

(5)... and more...

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Brought to you by GoToWebinar®
Webinars Made Easy®

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This topic is 2871 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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