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Can't launch shell script via server schedule (MacOSX Server & FM 13)


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Hi all,


I’m trying to execute a shell script from a FileMaker Server schedule. FM 13 and MacOSX Server 10.8. It’s a simple script to put a message in the syslog to test. Running from the Terminal app works fine but from within FM Server it doesn’t seem to kick off (no error messages anywhere I can find).


Things to consider:


- MacOSX Server 10.8 and FileMaker Server 13


- File is in the right location (/Library/FileMaker Server/Date/Scripts/) as I'm able to select it when creating the schedule


- fmserver is the owner and fmsadmin is the group of the .sh file


- I’ve tried permissions of 755 and 777


- File contents (following 2 lines):


syslog -s -l error "This is a test."


- I’ve tried #!/bin/bash and #!/bin/sh


- Running from the terminal app works as expected - I see the message in the Console app (using either /bash or /sh)


- When I run the server schedule, FM server's Event.log file shows:

  2015-04-03 11:12:27.866 -0400 Information 146 XXXXXXXX Schedule "test" run now by "YYYYYYY".


  There's no succeeding line of a process ID being spawned so it looks like it's not even trying to execute the script.


- The server schedule has the default settings for the account (fmserver)


Anyone have any bright ideas of why this isn’t working?



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This topic is 2800 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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