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Geocoding and Mapping Module for FileMaker Pro

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jbante    140

This looks like a great resource for mapping. Geocoding presents some conflicts with the Google API's terms of use for non-paying users, e.g., you can't save geocoding results, and you can't use them for anything but mapping. The OpenStreetMap and open version of the MapQuest APIs are both more permissive.

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davidweiner    2

Hmmm, maybe I missed something (totally possible - there's a lot to read), but as I understand, the API is free to use for geocoding, as long as you only use those coordinates in Google maps, and also you're permitted to cache results for up to 30 days. Google does limit you to 2500 requests per day per IP address for free, and no more than 5 per second (which in my tests, FM Server 13 easily outstrips, so I had to put a delay in between loops). If you want more you have to use a paid API Key. 

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jbante    140

the API is free to use for geocoding, as long as you only use those coordinates in Google maps

​That's exactly the restriction I mean. Every application I've worked on that uses geocoding needed it for purposes that don't involve maps, such as for distance calculations and location-radius-based finds.

It might be possible to mitigate your issue with the request rate limit by using a bulk geocoding API instead. Google and MapQuest both have one.

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Diver    0

Great example, thanks sharing it!   What would be required to get distance by vehicle?

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    • By hutcheedingo
      So I've been using Tim Deitrich's fmEasyMaps Beta embedded in my file for a while now, and it works fantastically, I'm currently mapping over 3000 addresses.
      But my inner perfectionist has gotten the better of me, and now I'm wondering weather it's possible to add in directions using waypoints.  The idea is that I want to do a few drop offs to multiple addresses in a local area, for kids after participating in a school activity that finishes around midnight.
      I saw this announcement HERE about EasyMaps, but have been unable to get anywhere since I can't find any place where the new version was ever released.  Since Tim is now no longer developing in Filemaker, I'm turning to the Forums.
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      I am usisng FM 12 03 advanced.
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      and it works.  I save the script.  Sometimes, the source stays as Doctors.  Sometimes it reverts back to Patients.  Once I get it
      to perform consistently several times it stays well behaved.  I dont' see what causes this behavior.  I suspect there is something
      fundamental I don't 'get'.
      So, the question is "What am I not getting about mapping?" 

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