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Trying to Install on Mac 10.11.1 El Capitan and FileMaker Server 14

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I just upgraded our server that was previously 10.6.8 and running FileMaker Server 11 to Mac OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan and FileMaker Server 14.  I can't seem to get SuperContainer fully installed.  I have downloaded the latest Tomcat and put it in the 360Works folder but the installer still hangs on the "Installing 360Works Tomcat daemon".  I installed the legacy version of Java per some instructions I saw somewhere.  When I delete the 360Works folder and run the installer again it re-creates it but it only has two items in it (360Works Admin.jar and folder named Internal with nothing inside it).



Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.07.19 PM.png

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Hi Troy,

We were not able to get the installer to complete and I am still working on reproducing the issue but have not had success as of yet. Is your environment the same as what Nick described? The workaround for the issue is to use the SuperContainerServer.jar file or to install SuperContainer with a separate instance of Tomcat. You can read more about the other deployment options here . Running in standalone does not require any installation you solely need to launch the file and go. It will also allow for use of the Core Image library (only if the machine running SC is a Mac) that will allow thumbnail previews of several different file types like pdf that you would not get when installed in conjunction with FMS. The difference is that if you ever need to shutdown the machine or it auto restarts the file will need to be relaunched. You can remedy this by making it a file that launches on startup. Also, you will access your SuperContainer files over port 8020(unless you change the default port). 

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Encountered the same issue today. Server was previously OS X 10.8.5 and FileMaker Server 12.0v5. This is a php CWP deployment using SC to display images for an online auction house

Clean install of OS X 10.11.2 and FileMaker Server 14.0.4 done.

Ran SC installer and it stalled. 

Ryan @ 360Works, based on your note on 12/16/2015, a manual installation should not be attempted then and just go the SuperContainerServer.jar file?

Edited by Dave Nicely
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Followup. Did a manual uninstall of SC.

Restarted server.

Launched SuperContainerServer.jar

Opened host database via FM Pro Adv 14.0.4 and navigated to layout that should display SC image. Container displays a Question Mark icon and the 'Delete' button. Clicking on the Question Mark icon will open a web browser tab and display the images.

SCS.jar log contents:

1/18/16 9:41:49 AM - SuperContainer Server baseFolder=/Users/admin/Desktop/360Works+SuperContainer-2_93/SuperContainer
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - Starting Server...
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - SuperContainer version is 2.93
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - Writing detailed log information to file /Users/Shared/SuperContainer/SuperContainer.log
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - Max heap size: 2863661056
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - tmpDir exists and is writeable: /var/folders/zs/qmgz6dqj6m3_n5pfyzh649lc0000gn/T
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM - SuperContainer Server started in 578 milliseconds.
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM -     SuperContainer URL:
1/18/16 9:41:51 AM -     Files Directory: /Users/Shared/SuperContainer/Files
1/18/16 9:42:46 AM - Enabling OS X Core Image processing
1/18/16 9:42:46 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor2
1/18/16 9:45:27 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor8
    Could not initialize class com.prosc.supercontainer.model.ImageResizer
1/18/16 9:46:01 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor6
    Could not initialize class com.prosc.supercontainer.model.ImageResizer
1/18/16 9:46:50 AM - An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData/Auctions/10795/10795_001/02.jpg?width=87&height=46&page=1 in thread http-8020-Processor1
    Could not initialize class com.prosc.supercontainer.model.ImageResizer


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We are still working on fixing the hanging issue with the SuperContainer installer. Since you can not use the standalone then you can do the manual installation. I have updated the docs so that they are compatible with FMS14 . 

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I resolved this issue on the phone with Dave Nicely earlier. I've seen this issue a couple times before. Unfortunately our SuperContainer installer has some compatibility issues with newer systems.

If you're running into this issue on Mac, make sure you have the Apple maintained legacy version of Java installed found here.

For both Windows & Mac the instructions are as follows:

  1. Restart the system.
  2. Download MirrorSync (go here and click "Download the latest version")
  3. Run the MirrorSync Installer
  4. Run the SuperContainer Installer
    • both installers should succeed without errors or with a "unable to confirm web server start" error which can be ignored
  5. Launch the 360Works Admin Tool.jar
    • on Windows this is in C:\Program Files\360Works
    • on Mac this is in /Library/360Works
  6. Everything should be green, click MirrorSync and click "Remove" (since you most likely don't want MirrorSync)

At this point SuperContainer should be accessible from localhost:42424/SuperContainer, but may not be accessible from localhost/SuperContainer. If you cannot access it from localhost/SuperContainer, launch Terminal or Command Prompt and run the fmsadmin command "fmsadmin restart httpserver". This restarts FileMaker's HTTP server with the new web forwarding rule. If you get an error ("object doesn't exist") just run "fmsadmin start httpserver".

If you are still running into issues let me know.

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I finally got this to work after clean install of OS again. there is no solution as I know for this issue the installers for this is broken. I am concerned now about the fact that getting this to work has me running a very old version of tomcat now for this. They really need to fix this. as well as the demo file which is also messed up.

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This topic is 2848 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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