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Importing Entire File

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My Solution Lately undergone a major design update (new colors and layouts ) , but fileds weren`t changed.

The file  with the new design was a cloned  copy of the live file.

I have several tables with hundreds of fields. 

How could i import the entire file without have to go through every table seperatly - and first go to that table in order to be able to match it.

the name of the tables and field were left untouched just the layout and design changed and it would be major work to copy over to the livew file.


I would appreciate if someone has a easy idea.

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You're going to have to bite that bullet - you will have to go to each table and import the data...

"Several" tables shouldn't be too much effort - a number of our solutions have more than 20 tables, at which point we script in the import of data as part of the development.

Or use a GUI file for the interface and data tables for the data (which have no presentation in them, that's all in the GUI file) aka Separation model.

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Have like several couples of tables ; circa 45.

I have seen lots of discussions about using the separation method - it seems a great idea to me as i frequently update the design - according to my client , but have thousands of records already stored in the file therefore afraid to tamper with.

However nowhere have a found a clear instructions how to implement it  , would you know where i could read about that?

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What is the basic structure of an import script, to import data from an old version of the app, to a new one? Is there a way to write a loop and import data from all the tables? I have created a set of layouts on my app just for importing and have named them with a prefix. But I can't get the import loop to work.

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