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John Kamm

External Container Field Insert Very Slow

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We have a client working on Win 2012 virtual servers, one is running FMS 15 the other is running FM Pro 15 in Terminal Services. Both instances are running on the same physical machine.

In a script, the user will select a PDF file, approx 300K, and insert it into a container field configured for external storage. The process takes 30-60 seconds when hosted with (Not Responding) message showing at the top of the window. In single user mode, the process is instantaneous.


Also, what does the setting to Optimize for interactive content do? I have this set for the PDFs.

Does drag and drop work for container fields?



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This is an old post, but port 443 is probably not open which will cause this behavior.

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check your server DNS settings if your using a FQDN and uploading to server I had an issue where there was no loopback or something causing very small images and files to take many seconds to upload. 

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