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I read the article. FM Perception works with the DDR. The DDR is not a realtime thing. So how can this be a realtime tool?

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Whilst FMPerception is a great tool (I use it myself) I agree that it's not a realtime thing. Geist's blog states that too: https://docs.geistinteractive.com/article/62-quickly-running-ddrs  in the opening sentence.

You may be able to automate it, but that doesn't make it realtime. If it were realtime, I'd be able to make a change in a DB and see the results in FMPerception instantly. That doesn't happen unless I trigger a new DDR export. I wouldn't want to have a new DDR report generated every time I made a change though. That'd be a real resource hog.

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I don’t really agree. If you separate the creation process of the DDR from the analyzing piece, it is Real-time. It executes the queries and processes analysis on-demand. And only when you ask for it. So it does all that in Real-time. I can totally get on board with that thought.

The fact that the data source does not update, does not change what FMPerception is doing. 

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This is what google produces as a definition of realtime :

"relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback to the process from which it is coming, e.g. in a missile guidance system."

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Correct. But the interpretation of "Realtime" depends greatly on the action.

True: the DDR is not updated in Realtime.

True: FMPerception processes your request in Realtime. Make request, FMPerception analyzes it, and sends back the answer.

If you are thinking we can analyze the database files in realtime, that would be incorrect. It's not currently possible. 

If you are thinking we can run analysis in realtime, that would be correct. The difference with the other tools, is they are not doing the analysis in realtime. They are importing, and processing.

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That would make most tools 'realtime'. They are all opening/importing the DDR xml files. They all allow you to click on something or search for something so they are analysing/processing.

FMPerception opens and processes the DDR xml no different from the other tools. It's really just a pretty interface to the DDR xml that lists the content smartly.

When discussing performing an analysis realtime, you have to consider the source that provides the data to analyse. FMPerception can't do anything without the data. Performing realtime analysis means updating the data in (near) realtime. Which currently can't be done.

So concluding that FMPerception isn't a realtime tool is accurate imho.

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This is no accurate. How they handle the processing is VERY different.

Tools other than FMPerception:

  • Run DDR
  • Import DDR ( ours takes 10-12 hours, processing and analysis happens here )
  • Search for some stuff.  
  • Make changes.
  • Export DDR
  • Import DDR ( 10-12 hours, processing and analysis happens here )
  • Search for some stuff.
  • Roughly getting updated info every other day.


  • Run DDR
  • Open FMPerception ( < 7 secs )
  • Search for some stuff ( the processing and analysis happens now ).
  • Make changes to database files.
  • Export DDR
  • Open FMPerception ( < 7 seconds )
  • Search for some stuff.
  • Getting updated info on demand as needed. ( Maybe an expanded definition of "realtime", if you want to call it that. But my developer intelligence continues working in realtime with no interruption ).

"Realtime Developer Intelligence" is the marketing phrase they decided to use. In the end, what it is called doesn't matter. It is, as close to in process updates as we are going to get until FM makes other changes. If you aren't comfortable calling it "realtime" then don't. Most people really don't care.


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