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David Zakary

MirrorSync and FileMaker Cloud

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After a quick search, I couldn't find anything about MirrorSync and FileMaker Cloud. 

Is MirrorSync compatible with FM Cloud?

Found it in the MS documentation, yes with an asterisk.

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Where did you search? Googling for "MirrorSync FileMaker Cloud" takes me to this headline: "MirrorSync 3.1 Released with FileMaker Cloud Compatibility - 360Works"

So the short answer is, yes, it works fine :-)

The long answer is, yes, it works, BUT you will need to run MirrorSync on an separate computer from your FileMaker Server, because FileMaker Cloud does not allow you to install 3rd party software other than plug-ins (MirrorSync is not a plug-in). If you would like, we can run MirrorSync for you on our shared server for $29/month.

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Is it possible to set up a configuration with a server-to-server sync between a local Filemaker LAN server and Filemaker cloud server, thus having the iPads, iPhones, etc from within the LAN sync to the local server and all external ip addresses syncing to the cloud server? We struggle on VSAT with high data costs and low upload speeds (1-2 Mbps) but can get downloads speeds around 12 Mbps. My thought is to allow external users to grab a copy from the cloud whenever needed without slowing down the ISP connection to the LAN server (except as changes occur to the LAN server) and improve speeds for remote work on the server copies of the databases.

Not sure if it's feasible or the right approach

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You may also want to consider using our professional FileMaker virtual dedicated server hosting services.  On one VM with us, you can host a full install of FileMaker Server (not limited like FileMaker Cloud), as well as your MirrorSync install.  Have a look at:


and let me know if you have any questions after reviewing either here or off-list to jmay(at)pointinspace.com.

- John

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Sam, yes, it's definitely possible to set up what you're talking about. FileMaker Cloud will work well in a server-to-server sync environment. Remember as I said in the initial post that you can't actually install MirrorSync on the FileMaker Cloud box, so you'll need to run it on some other computer (such as the one in your office).

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    • By neocodesoftware
      Goal - use MirrorSync with database hosted on FileMaker Cloud, using MirrorSync hosted on a Windows Server.
      Error - filemaker mirrorsync jdbc error cloud requires version 16.0 or later
      MirrorSync version 3.17
      FileMaker Cloud
      Steps to reproduce
      1. run mirrorsync
      2. create filemaker client to server config
      3. configure mirrorsync to use hosted version
      4. configure publishing engine / database server to use cloud
      5. put any database user, pass or name - it doesn't matter what you put - real or not real
      6. you will error -  filemaker mirrorsync jdbc error cloud requires version 16.0 or later

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      Is there a way to customize the language in the dialog box that appears after a successful sync when there's a new database version available?
      "There is a new database version available named 'x.xx'. Would you like to replace your current offline file with this version?"
    • By APMT Los Angeles
      I'm planning to use MirrorSync to sync my FM Webdirect database to a SQL Server, one-way sync. Basically, this is for reporting purposes. But in all of the 360 Works help docs, I don't see even one guide/screenshot/anything on how to setup the SQL Server. What information is required, how does MirrorSync authenticate to SQL Server, what specific permissions does it need, etc...  nothing at all.
      Has anyone done this who can provide some information? I work for a large organization and need to know how to setup this SQL Server before jumping into configuration. (Primarily authentication, we prefer windows authentication so will MirrorSync connect to SQL Server as the windows service account that is running the FM Server? Or does it need a SQL account? And what permissions are required?)
      Thank you! And 360 Works, please add this to your help docs!!
    • By 360Works
      How to Sync with FileMaker Cloud Using 360Works MirrorSync Today we want to let you know that it is completely possible to sync a FileMaker solution hosted on FileMaker Cloud! MirrorSync has been able to handle this task since the release of 3.1. The current version is 4.0 and it remains compatible with FileMaker Cloud.
      FileMaker Cloud leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host your FileMaker solutions in the cloud. Many people are moving to the cloud to cut back on server maintenance time and money. Here at 360Works, we are big fans of AWS - we actually moved all of our hosting to AWS and couldn't be happier. (Jesse Barnum, president of 360Works, presented on the topic of deploying FileMaker Server with AWS at last year?s FileMaker Developers conference.)
      Getting started with MirrorSync for FileMaker Cloud is extremely simple: There's nothing to install and only a couple of steps to get up and running!
      Step 1: Host MirrorSync Elsewhere
      You will need to run MirrorSync on a separate computer from your FileMaker Server, because FileMaker Cloud does not allow the installation of 3rd party software other than plug-ins (MirrorSync is not a plug-in).

      Once you've launched your FileMaker Cloud instance, 360Works can host MirrorSync on a managed AWS server for just $29 a month. There are several other approved hosting providers willing to host MirrorSync as well (see documentation). Alternatively, knowledgeable Linux administrators can host on their own Linux instance with Amazon Web Services.
      Step 2: Enable xDBC
      Because there is no XML Web Publishing Engine with FileMaker Cloud, you must enable incoming access (to port 2399) on your FileMaker Cloud instance in order for MirrorSync to communicate with it using xDBC. You can do this in the AWS console, follow along with this short video:
      A Few Final Notes
      *You will want to reference our MirrorSync and FileMaker Cloud documentation for complete technical guidelines.
      *Users running regular FileMaker Server on a Mac or Windows computer can install MirrorSync 4 on their own server.
      *We've designed MirrorSync to be something that even a novice user can integrate, but we're standing by when you need more advanced help. If you just want your sync integration to be completed as quickly as possible, we're available to do the work for you directly at our hourly consulting rates. Fill out our message form for advanced help!
        Download MirrorSync 4  

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