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After a quick search, I couldn't find anything about MirrorSync and FileMaker Cloud. 

Is MirrorSync compatible with FM Cloud?

Found it in the MS documentation, yes with an asterisk.

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Jesse Barnum    51

Where did you search? Googling for "MirrorSync FileMaker Cloud" takes me to this headline: "MirrorSync 3.1 Released with FileMaker Cloud Compatibility - 360Works"

So the short answer is, yes, it works fine :-)

The long answer is, yes, it works, BUT you will need to run MirrorSync on an separate computer from your FileMaker Server, because FileMaker Cloud does not allow you to install 3rd party software other than plug-ins (MirrorSync is not a plug-in). If you would like, we can run MirrorSync for you on our shared server for $29/month.

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Is it possible to set up a configuration with a server-to-server sync between a local Filemaker LAN server and Filemaker cloud server, thus having the iPads, iPhones, etc from within the LAN sync to the local server and all external ip addresses syncing to the cloud server? We struggle on VSAT with high data costs and low upload speeds (1-2 Mbps) but can get downloads speeds around 12 Mbps. My thought is to allow external users to grab a copy from the cloud whenever needed without slowing down the ISP connection to the LAN server (except as changes occur to the LAN server) and improve speeds for remote work on the server copies of the databases.

Not sure if it's feasible or the right approach

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You may also want to consider using our professional FileMaker virtual dedicated server hosting services.  On one VM with us, you can host a full install of FileMaker Server (not limited like FileMaker Cloud), as well as your MirrorSync install.  Have a look at:


and let me know if you have any questions after reviewing either here or off-list to jmay(at)pointinspace.com.

- John

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Jesse Barnum    51

Sam, yes, it's definitely possible to set up what you're talking about. FileMaker Cloud will work well in a server-to-server sync environment. Remember as I said in the initial post that you can't actually install MirrorSync on the FileMaker Cloud box, so you'll need to run it on some other computer (such as the one in your office).

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    • By doughogg
      Our Filemaker database is hosted by 360Works using MirrorSync 3. The owner wants to upgrade to MirrorSync 4 asap. Any idea on when it will be available for hosted databases?
    • By woz
      I've set up 2 previous clients with MirrorSync v3.x without problem but just trying to setup another client using v4.0.
      Setting a new config for Server to Pro/Go at step 2 of the hub config (Copy scripts) it does not recognise that the scripts have been pasted in when in fact they have - it refers to 3 scripts but copies 4 - obviously an update is needed. The version of MirrorSync from the java app is "4.0 build 9400" even thought the jnlp file was named MirrorSync3ConfigClient.
      I'm using FMS 16, FMPA 16
      Error message is "Validation Failed: You will not be able to successfully sync. There is no script called 'MirrorSync'. That must exist before proceeding......".
      I've tried from scratch multiple times. Anyone else had this problem with v4.0?
    • By Productive Computing, Inc.
      San Diego, CA - July 12, 2017 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker® Business Alliance, is proud to announce the release of FM Books Connector Online Edition version This plug-in is now compatible with FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server 14-16.
      The FM Books Connector Online plug-in connects FileMaker with QuickBooks Online and enables users to push and pull contacts, invoices, and other sales transaction information between their FileMaker solution and their QuickBooks Online file. A FileMaker and QuickBooks integration eliminates double entry and provides pertinent financial data to staff without multiple people accessing sensitive QuickBooks company files.
      Version includes:
      - Compatibility with FileMaker Cloud for server-side deployments
      - Updated Developer's Guide for assistance integrating the plug-in
      - New file log for the FileMaker Cloud version
      This plug-in is available for both client and server-side deployments. The single user (client-side) plug-in is compatible with Mac and Windows. The server-side plug-in is compatible with Mac server, Windows server, and FileMaker Cloud.
      The FM Books Connector Online Edition plug-in is available for an annual price of $200 for a single user (client-side) and $450 for a server license. The server license includes a copy of the single user plug-in to allow for development and authentication with QuickBooks Online. For more information on the FM Books Connector Online Edition plug-in and system requirements, visit www.fmbooksconnectoronline.com or call 760-510-1200.
      Interested in FileMaker Cloud?
      FileMaker Cloud is available through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and provides reliable access to custom apps in the cloud. Users can get the simplicity, performance, and reliability they've come to expect from the FileMaker platform without having to spend time and resources deploying and maintaining a traditional on-site server.Hosting a FileMaker solution allows users remote access via FileMaker Pro, WebDirect, and Go and ensures data is safe with regular back-ups.
      For those interested in hosting their solution with FileMaker Cloud, but unfamiliar with AWS, Productive Computing offers setup and consultation services, as well as monthly managed services. Please visit www.filemakerhostingservice.com for more details.
      FileMaker Pro Support and Plug-in Integration:
      Do you have database enhancements you would like to have programmed?  Want help getting a plug-in professionally installed into your FileMaker solution?  We can help!The process is easy - complete our online Request For Quote form (RFQ) or call us directly at (760) 510-1200 and one of our certified developers can work with you on improving your solution today.
      About Productive Computing, Inc.
      Since 1996, Productive Computing, Inc. has been helping its customers become more efficient and profitable by implementing custom software solutions using FileMaker Pro. Utilizing FileMaker Pro as a rapid application development tool, their certified FileMaker developers can create custom applications that a business can run on their Windows or Macintosh desktop computers, in a web browser, on an iPad or iPhone or shared simultaneously on all of these platforms.
      Productive Computing, Inc. also produces Core4 CRM and Core5 Starter Edition, two off-the-shelf productivity solutions designed to automate your workflow, as well as a suite of FileMaker Pro plug-ins that allow FileMaker Pro to integrate with third party applications including Outlook, QuickBooks, Apple Contacts and Calendar, PDF forms, digital signatures, and biometric fingerprint scanners.
      In addition, Productive Computing, Inc. is a full-service FileMaker Pro hosting company. FileMaker hosting services allow customers to host their own FileMaker Pro solutions on Productive Computing servers in the cloud instead of purchasing and supporting the necessary server infrastructure themselves. These same servers also provide the infrastructure for customers who would prefer to subscribe to Productive Computing's Core4, Core5, or Vessel Service Solutions under a SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model.
      Productive Computing, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the United States to have earned the highly respected Platinum level membership within the FileMaker Business Alliance and recently won the exclusive FileMaker Business Alliance Partner of the Year award.
      Productive Computing, Inc.950 Boardwalk, Suite 205San Marcos, CA 92078www.ProductiveComputing.comsales@productivecomputing.com(760) 510-1200
      Press Contacts:
      Productive Computing, Inc.
      Keith Larochelle
      (760) 510-1200
      # # #
    • By Lewis Stairs
      I noticed that on the server in which MirrorSync is installed, one of the mirrorsync.data files was 12GB+ in size. It is in the filepath formula C://Program Files/360WOrks/SyncData3_MirrorSync/FileMaker Server_x.x.x.x_FileName/mirrorsync.data

      Is there any way to either reduce the size of this file, or stop it getting any bigger? 
      Thank you in advance for you help
    • By amallison
      Since going from version 2 to 3 of MirrorSync last year we have constantly had MirrorSync crashing the Web Publishing Engine. 
      Sometimes it says "Error from server: FileMaker XML WPE Web Publishing Engine is not running at <the hosted IP>. Ensure that the WPE is working correctly, and then try this operation again."
      But usually it is an Error 10 error. "Error 10 while connecting to http://<the hosted IP>/sync?ping=1&config..."
      Early on we made the documented suggested changes for this error, to the connectionTimeout Property in the IIS Manager application. With no noticeable effect.
      Most of the time MirrorSync works as expected and does a great job and then clients can't sync and all hell breaks loose.
      Do you have any other suggestions for what might be causing this issue?

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