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Mark Jockin

360 Works Plugins for FM Cloud

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ryan360Works    16

Hi Mark,

We do have plans to release FM Cloud compatible versions of our plugins. We have started development but do not have a current ETA.  

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    • By 360Works
      360Works Plugins: FileMaker 16 Compatibility and New Platform
      FileMaker 16 is here, and we are ready for this exciting update. At 360Works, we strive to provide the best possible service and support to our customers and to always keep our products compatible and flexible.
      New 360Works Plugin Platform: Major Version Update 

      We are excited to announce that we have a brand new major version update for 360Works plugins! With this new release of FileMaker 16, the plugin architecture has been significantly improved, and 360Works has taken advantage of all those new capabilities with this upgrade. 

      The new 360Works plugin platform will utilize the new features in FileMaker 16 such as better error reporting, calling plugin functions as script steps, and support for enumerated lists. The new platform will now explicitly control the life cycle of the plugin running it as a separate process from FileMaker, which results in plugins being reliably unloaded, making it possible to auto-update without restarting FileMaker and reducing the chance of FileMaker crashing when a plugin fails to load. In addition, it is no longer necessary to install any version of Java to run a 360Works plugin. All plugins on the new platform are fully compatible with FileMaker Cloud. 

      Summary of New Features: 
      No longer requires Java installation Can use plugin functions as script steps with a user-friendly GUI for specifying parameters Better error reporting in scripts Compatible with FileMaker Cloud Better compatibility with FileMaker Server for Perform Script on Server and scheduled scripts Each plugin runs in a separate process, increasing reliability and stability Plugins can be reliably unloaded, making it possible to auto-update without restarting FileMaker Where appropriate, plugin parameters can be selected from pull-down lists and checkboxes Support for streaming large container data, allowing unlimited amounts of data to be transferred between FileMaker and the plugin without running out of memory. Compatible with the older plugin API, so you can continue to use your existing scripts and calculations with the new plugins. New plugin versions are available as a paid upgrade. Plugins under valid maintenance, which include Scribe and CloudMail, are available as a free upgrade. 
      You can upgrade and download from the page links below: 
      Scribe, New Version: 3 Document automation in FileMaker
      Email, New Version: 3 Send and receive HTML or plain text email with SMTP, POP, and IMAP from FileMaker
      Plastic, New Version: 3 Credit card processing from FileMaker
      CloudMail, New Version: 3 Send email marketing and email blasts and track results in FileMaker using the Cloud
      FTPeek, New Version: 2 Upload, download, and manipulate remote files on an FTP server from FileMaker
      JDBC, New Version: 2 Execution of arbitrary SQL statements on one or more JDBC databases
      Charts, New Version: 2 Quick and easy charts and graphs
      RemoteScripter, New Version: 2 Remotely trigger FileMaker scripts on another computer
      ScriptMaster, New Version: 5 Free, general-purpose plugin including file manipulation, URL and network utilities, shell scripting, encryption, and much more
      Web Assistant, New Version: 2 Submit online forms, access any internet resource from FileMaker, and get the contents of any URL as text or as a container 

        SuperContainer Update 
      The SuperContainer Companion Plugin has been updated with new features for FileMaker 16. It is available as a minor point upgrade, at no additional cost for existing SuperContainer license holders.
      Here are our current non-plugin products that are compatible with FileMaker 16: 
      Zulu, Current Version: 2.1 Turns any FileMaker Server into a shared calendar server, sync FileMaker to iOS, OS X, Google Calendar, and Exchange/Office 365 calendars 
      MirrorSync, Current Version: 3.17 Sync FileMaker Server with FileMaker Pro/Go and SQL data sources, take your data anywhere with slow or non-existent network connection
      Web Services Manager, Current Version: 1.63 Publishes your FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services, integrate FileMaker with virtually any other system  
      All Plugins Tested and Compatible with FileMaker 16 

      We have tested our previous generation of plugins with the entire FileMaker 16 platform and older versions of our plugins will continue to work. However, it is recommended that you use the newest versions of our plugins to get all of the benefits outlined above.
      Are you finding several of our products to be helpful? You may want to look into the 360Works Portfolio Bundle, where you can obtain the entire suite of plugins and add-ons with a savings of 75% off of the full price! Special FBA pricing is available for in-house use, contact us for more details.
      If you have any questions about this update, or any of our products, check our documentation, or let us know at plugins@360works.com and we'll be happy to help.
    • By Dave Ramsey
      Since FileMaker 16 now exports a plugin "source" code with the DDR (even if the plugin is not present) for plugin script steps, it would be helpful to have a way to identify a plugin based upon this "source" code.  It would be immensely helpful if developers could provide this information.  
      For reference the "source" code that I'm talking about is "FMmp" in the sample plugin source code.
      In the interest of gathering this information, I whipped up a Google Form for data collection.  To reduce misuse, this form is entry-only.  Once created, there is no way to edit a record.  If the information changes over time (say, you would like users to go to a different URL), just make a new record.  I can't speak for everyone else, but FMPerception will likely be using the last record available for each source code.
      At some later date, this may be expanded into a larger registry, but for now I'd just like to get some data.  Follow this link to fill out the form:
      FileMaker Plugin Registry Form
      I don't have any interest in being the only person with access to this information, so if you would like to view the results, feel free to click here.
      Plugin Registry - Google Sheets
      If there is some other registry, just point me to it, and I'll apologize for the distraction.
      Thank you very much.
      Dave Ramsey
      P.S.  Here's an example of how it looks when FMPerception knows about your plugin:

    • By cril
      Hi I'm trying to develop an interface between my filemaker database and a SOAP service. No where in the wsdl is there any authorisation so I believe I need to send my username and password before the SOAP envelope. I'm trying to do that with Scriptmaster but there are only three input parameters none of which appear useful for generating or inputting the HTTP authorisation Basic that needs to be in place. I can't see the fedex modules which may have had the parameters I needed. Can anybody help/advise or suggest another plugin I should use.
      Many thanks for reading this.
    • By Chuck
      I'm looking for information about a FileMaker plugin called "PyPlugin." I have a client with an existing system who has it installed on macOS, but I can't find any information or documentation about it. Given the name, I assume it allows the execution of Python within FileMaker, but this isn't PyFM or PyFileMaker, since first, it's working on a Mac, and second, it's a plugin, not a Python library.
      The system has been used for quite some time, so perhaps the plugin isn't available any more, but if anyone can point to any documentation for it, or, of course preferably, a link to be able to download it, I would appreciate it.

    • By Richard Carlton
      How to Save 50% to 75% on Amazon Instance | FileMaker Cloud | FileMaker Pro 15 Training
      now in the previous video we pointed out the fact that the virtual server or the instance cost itself occupies at least ninety percent of the overall cost of the instance and as the instances get bigger I think that goes north of ninety percent even to higher percentage 
      your storage space typically will be nine percent or less in your data transfer costs will be typically 1% 2% very small number so that gives you an idea of the overall size and scope 
      so in order to save money we really want to focus on this ninety percent plus size so I've gone back to my FileMaker instance calculator here in terms of the cost that we're looking 
      at on a per basis and one of the first things i want to point out is that the prices that FileMaker quote are purely the on demand prices and on-demand means that you can use it for 
      an hour for a day for a week for a month for six months you can use it for five years.
      Download the Free Amazon Instance Calculator FileMaker file here:
      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9330959/Downloads Free Solutions/FMC Instances v2.zip
      Get up to speed with the FileMaker Pro 15 Video Training Course! 
      Top Rated Course by FileMaker Expert, Richard Carlton.  
      Experience Richard's dynamic and exciting teaching format, while learning both basic, intermediate, and advanced FileMaker development skills. With 26 years of FileMaker experience 
      and a long time speaker at FileMaker's Developer
      Conference,Richard will teach you all the ins and outs of building FileMaker Solutions.  The course is 40 hours of video content!
      Richard has been involved with the FileMaker platform since 1990 and has grown RCC into one of the largest 
      top tier FileMaker consultancies worldwide. 
      Richard works closely with RCC's staff: a team of 28 FileMaker 
      developers and supporting web designers. He has offices in California, Nevada, and Texas.

      Richard has been a frequent speaker at the FileMaker Developers Conference on a variety of topics involving 
      FileMaker for Startups and Entrepreneurs, and client server integration.

      Richard is the Product Manager for FM Starting Point, the popular and most downloaded free FileMaker CRM Starter Solution.

      Richard won 2015 Excellence Award from FileMaker Inc (Apple Inc) for outstanding video and product creation, leading to business development.

      RCC and LearningFileMaker.com are headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

      Please feel free to contact us at support@rcconsulting.com
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      Here is a video introduction to our iOS App Training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVxQe_yAshw
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