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Filemaker Server 16 and Windows 10

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The FM specifications state that (On Windows platform), the Windows 10 OS is nos apparently supported.

Any experiences about installing FMServer 15 or 16 under Windows 10?

Thanks in advance,



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not supported, so why would you want to?

You'll find plenty of posts of people who have tried with 15, some were able to make it work, some didn't.

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Consumer-grade Windows OS is lacking many of the optimizations that a true server has. Along with vast differences in prioritizing of services and processes, it is truly a different kind of beast.

As Wim said, you may get it to work. You may get it to partially work. It may put your data at risk. Or it may fail completely. At that point, you have no support options with FMI. They won't help you until you get it onto a supported OS.

Some important things to keep in mind should you continue down that route.

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Well it is the classic strange issue that comes to me.

A company set up a server in a NUC5i5RYH with Win10 and said it was good enough for FMServer 15… and it was not supported.

I can see the tech reasons in favor of the server-grade Windows OS

I will try a search in order to see if the difficulties are beatable. 

Thanks, folks !!

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How many users?

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4 users 


The 4 machines are: (3 windows and 1 mac.

Next year perhaps the 5th license to be used with FMGo. Not important.

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In my last job we developed for a customer that ran their FMS on a Win7 system. They had constant issues and rebooted the box nearly daily. We kept telling them to move it to a proper server OS. They haven't as yet.

You can always buy a Mac mini and run it on that for those few users. Here in Australia they sell for $800 and it's supported by FileMaker. Just make sure you don't skimp on backups as the mini only has a single drive.

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Well, it can work.

But you may run into issues like your Windows PC goes to sleep or restarts to install updates.

For Server you can configure more to keep it running all the time. Depends all on the compromises you like to make.

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As always helpful and concise messages.

I will search in the forum to give the instalation process a try. 

Thanks to all.

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