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San Diego Workforce Partnership RFQ

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"The San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) seeks a contractor to support our team of FileMaker developers in the development, maintenance, and improvement of SDWP’s custom software suite."

Quotes are due by 16 June 2017 at 5 p.m. PDT.


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    • By Milerfake
      IMPORTANT - I am currently installing Filemaker Server 16 on a desktop PC running Windows 7 Pro. I know that it is not ideal, but I havent been given clearance on using the Windows 12 server computer..
      After the files have been installed for Filemaker 16 Server,
      I am given a 1920 Error from Windows stating that I might not have the correct privileges to start the services.
      This cause the installer to cancel and rollback.
      I have updated bonjour, updated Java to the latest version, I have made sure that all the windows updates have been installed. I disables the DEP and I start using the setup.exe file found in the file folder of the Filemaker Setup folder.
      If anyone has encounter this issue before and knows or has any suggestions on what course of actions to try next, I will be very appreciative on thier help.
      I will also append to this if i find the solution.
      Currently in the process of uninstalling bonjour, java and the C++ files, restarting the PC and reinstalling the server files again.
      kind regards
    • By Xetabase
      I'm a highly proficient developer with nearly a decade of Filemaker experience in versions 7 though 12.  I'm a member of the Filemaker Business Alliance, which recognizes developers with a track record of quality services.  
      Good interface design is a critical element of Filemaker development, and my layouts are exceptionally clean and easy to use.  I can analyze client workflows and conceptualize a very efficient solution tailored to the needs of your business.
      Take a look at www.Xetabase.Net for a great example of my work.  Xetabase is a breakthrough Filemaker application that provides complete business management features plus a powerful but easy to use web site creation tool.  Once the web site is online, anyone can modify any element of any page and it will be updated online in a matter of seconds!
      To contact me about a project please send an email to steve (at) Xetabase.Net.  You can also use the web form at www.Xetabase.Net.

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