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Duplicate entries...a lot of them

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Hey guys,

How does Mirrorsync actually work? Does it use the creation timestamp to find and sync the same records? I have a problem where after a sync last night, I'm left with about 146 duplicates of each record. Quite a few of my records don't have creation field data as this field was only created after I already had many records in the database. Needing to rectify this quite urgently, so any help or input will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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Please use the 'Send problem report and log files' hyperlink on the MirrorSync launch page. This will send use your log file. Please be sure to include at least one example primary key of a record that was duplicated.

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Hi Jesse. We have the same problem. Sending the log files using the MirrorSync link also resulted to an error "The bug report could not be sent: java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid XML response received from AWS".


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Try submitting the bug report one more time. If it still doesn't work, please grab the latest MirrorSync log file manually from C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\Logs (on Windows) or /Library/360Works/Applications/Logs (on Mac), zip it, and upload to http://360works.com/upload

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