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Sue Smith

Setting up different DASHBOARD views

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Has anyone come up with a way to setup different DASHBOARD views?

For example, I have some follow-up tasks that are routine (i.e. going through old tasks from ex-employees trying to update) and I have ones that are MISSION CRITICAL.  I'd like to know how other organizations are doing this?

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This topic is 854 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By Scott Pon
      I am running Filemaker Server11 (standard) with Filemaker 11 Pro and Filemaker 11 Pro Advance.
      My company has asked to create a dashboard that will display information from with multiple databases.  Some possible information:
      How many orders/value of orders that are still in house
      How many quotes were created and open (not booked)
      How many orders have problems
      Each one of those would come from a different database, however they are all linked together, Quotes->Orders->Problems.
      Any ideas how this might be accomplished?  I'm at a loss on how I would do this.
      if there's a 3rd party software that can be customized I can research into that too.  
      I'm on FM11, are there new features in 13 that can do this?  
      Thanks.  I'm open to discussion and options.
    • By Jonathan Ross
      Hi everyone!

      I am a bit overwhelmed by FileMaker and its capabilities, so I would greatly appreciate some help.

      Currently, I have a database of contacts throughout the entire United States, with separate groups. (Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E).

      I would like to create some kind of "dashboard" or "layout" for FileMaker so that I can see how many members of each group we have in each City and in each State in the country, possibly like a pie chart that adapts to the data.

      Could someone please explain to me how to go about setting this kind of layout up, so that I may browse these breakdowns on the fly?

      Best Regards,
      Jonathan Ross
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