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Welcome Back Claris - Episode #7

At the FileMaker Developer Conference last week, FileMaker, Inc. announced they had changed their name to Claris International and purchased Stamplay. This is a bit of déjà vu for anyone who remembers MacWrite, MacPaint and Claris Corporation. It’s a blast from the past that’s been modernized. We’ll share our thoughts on the announcement and even speculate as to what the future holds. Come join us for this exciting new era for FileMaker.


P.S. This is our 7th episode.  The podcast has already had well over 1600 downloads in just under 3 weeks, so a huge thank you to all of our listeners.  It's getting some great reviews and we would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday.  Coming up:

KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
FileMaker Certification
Favorites & Features

P.P.S. If all goes to plan, a very special episode will be released on August 19.  Stay tuned

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    • By carlosnorvik
      I am planning the upgrade to 18, I have 3 questions
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