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Welcome Back Claris - Episode #7

At the FileMaker Developer Conference last week, FileMaker, Inc. announced they had changed their name to Claris International and purchased Stamplay. This is a bit of déjà vu for anyone who remembers MacWrite, MacPaint and Claris Corporation. It’s a blast from the past that’s been modernized. We’ll share our thoughts on the announcement and even speculate as to what the future holds. Come join us for this exciting new era for FileMaker.


P.S. This is our 7th episode.  The podcast has already had well over 1600 downloads in just under 3 weeks, so a huge thank you to all of our listeners.  It's getting some great reviews and we would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday.  Coming up:

KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
FileMaker Certification
Favorites & Features

P.P.S. If all goes to plan, a very special episode will be released on August 19.  Stay tuned

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    • By Madapple
      having trouble with calculating related fields
      scenario: inventory bin consolidation app
      Item 3AT17 is in 5 locations - 2 locations have just 1 unit, other 2 have 36, 65, 94 units. we want to move the two single units to the 36 unit bin. (see below)
      the locations/item info is in a portal. The move to list  from the related locations field - showing all locations with the item. 
      How do I calculate the new total for the "move to"  field? 
      Layout is pulling from Item Master (IM_) with related tables Count (CO_) and location (LO_)
      LO_Location = CO_Location & LO_ITEM = CO_ITEM
      Field Names:
      Location:  CO_LOC
      item : CO_ITEM
      QTY: CO_QTY
      Move QTY: CO_RELOQTY
      Move To: CO_RELOTO
      For the above example moving 1unit from 2 bins - into third bin need a cell for the new qty in that bin. 
      so in this example new qty would be 38.
      I am sure I am missing something that would help with figuring this out... 
    • By Madapple
      Working on an inventory bin consolidation solution, I have a portal that shows all of the locations & qty for an item. I also have a drop down that the user marks as yes to move, the qty they want to move, and the bins with the same item in them. 
      I would like to filter out the current bin from the drop down, the current value list is the location field from the "count" table. 
    • By CKonash
      I have been trying to figure this out for weeks and have gotten nowhere.  
      I have a script that ran perfectly fine on server 17 and it also works when run locally on Pro 17 or 18, but it won't complete a perform find function when run on server 18.   I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and might be able to take a look at my script steps to see if I am causing something that isn't viable in server 18 scripting.  
      The Pro or Go client calls a local script called "Send SMS to Server", then the server runs a script called "Send SMS on Server" . Here are screenshots of both scripts that were working on server 17.   
      The script kicks back error 401 for no records found.   
      I really appreciate your time looking at this and hope someone knows right away what the issue is.
      Chris Konash


    • By DataCruncher
      This is driving me nuts. 
      Need to send emails with an attachment from server side script. 
      The attachment path calculates correctly, as far as I can tell. Permissions are 777 (I Know...), but the file still does not attach!
      This is the variable calculation that yields the path: 
      "/Samsung SSD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/"&$filename
      Only problem is: attachments don't attach!
      I have tried every iteration I could think of: 
      "filemac:/Samsung SSD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/"&$filename
      What am I missing here???
      Thank you!! I can't believe I'm the only one who ran into this issue?
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      Hi everyone,
      Can you help me to setup a webwiever to display videos on OSX ? I've search but didn't find the solution.

      Kind regards.
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