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Error code not included in Help files

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After upgrading to FM Server 16, I am seeing that the automatic daily script executed from the server side is no longer doing so without error. The script sends email reminders to workshop presenters scheduled within 4 days. The error code, which I record in a log, is 119. However, that code isn't listed among the error codes listed in the online help:


Knowing the meaning of the error may provide useful information that will help me reconfigure the email account settings for the command Send Via SMTP Server.



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can you post the relevant entry from the FMS event log when it executes the schedule?  Any FM errors are reported in the event log.

Also post the part of your own log and walk us through how you log your own things.

Also, FMS16 will be out of support in about 6 months from now (https://www.filemaker.com/support/product-availability.html) so why upgrade to that version and not 17 or 18 and buy yourself more time?

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I can't seem to easily share or store the export of the error log from FM Server 16 because I have limited privileges where it is hosted. But I was able to take a screenshot of enough of the log for you to observe that likely every script step results in an error. Please see the attached file "fm server error log.png."

As for my own log, I believe the error is ultimately generated by a Send mail command. The result, if non-zero, gets passed to the script that invokes the Send step and then added to a log that I maintain myself. The log lets me keep track of any issues with the automatic daily script. For the most recent error, please see the attached file "error log item.png."

I don't believe the issue is actually related to our upgrading in the fall to FM Server 16, because I can now see that the overnight script did execute fine in early January. This issue must be related to a recent migration to entirely new computers (and possibly a new Windows server) after a recent malware (ransomeware) infection that penetrated my college's firewall. (My college of course had a backup, so the ransomware just cost us all a ton of time and trouble.)  I will be simultaneously pursuing the issue with my IT support person, but since his understanding of FileMaker is basic, any insight you can provide as to the likely source of the problem would be quite helpful.

As for why we chose 16, it was to minimize the disruption to my colleagues who occasionally need access to the database. I chose the highest version of Server that would be compatible with their versions of Filemaker Pro. But, yes, I will probably need to ask them to upgrade anyway at some point in the not too distant future.

Thanks again, Wim.



fm server error log.png

send script step.png

error log item.png

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Looking at that last screenshot, the error code is not 119.  That's just the id of that error log record.

The error is 1502, which is "connection refused by the SMTP server".  Double-check the SMTP server account info, SSL/TLS options and ports,...

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Apologies for that misreading of the code, and thanks for the quick response. I suspect that there’s an underlying cause having to do with the recent changes to our computing infrastructure. Otherwise, why all the script errors? Also, the SMTP settings work when I send from my own computer. I’ll pursue this with my IT staff. 

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It could be that the SMTP server is set up in such a way that it does allow connections from just any machine.  If your FMS machine is new then it may be as simple as getting it white-listed.

As to the other errors in the event log: I don't think that those would be caused by the infrastructure changes.  Error 3 for instance means that the script step is not server-compatible. Error 101 indicates the use of "go to next - exit after last", which is an innocent error.

So vet your scripts to remove or branch around the incompatible script steps.

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